I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. 


"Nikki does an outstanding job. Just the right amount of pressure. I feel wonderful after the massage. I am really looking forward to my next time in her great hands"- Lynda

"The service, the totally professional and respectful staff, and most importantly, a great massage experience make it all worthwhile. As important, I have benefited significantly from a physical standpoint as well, chronic aches and pain have diminished to a large extent due to the massage therapy"-Mark

"Everything was perfect, the actual massage movements were wonderful"-Rhonda

"Nikki always listens when I tell her where my pains are! She is so friendly, and just walking in the door and seeing her smile brightens my day. She even rembers from 5weeks before, that I really enjoyed the hot tea and had some ready for me. I fell really comfortable here, knowing that I'm receiving the best treatment from a very knowledgable massage practitioner. Thanks for all your hard work!"-Lindy

"Nikki was amazing! Was the best massage I have ever experienced"-Krystal

"I've had massages and treatments all over the world, my favorite therapist Nikki gets all the kinks out-every time! It's a bonus to find this quality so close to home"-Marilyn

"I think the practitioner was very capable and accomodating; talk when I wanted to talk or not-soothing"-Violet

"Always outstanding massages"-Maria

"I loved my massage! I also loved the eye cover when I laid on my back. It helped me to feel more relaxed."-Stacee